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The simple class formula...
that we developed with World-First research to make easy and addictive choreography for our Instructors to use so they stand out, fill their classes and make the income they deserve!
Our patented equipment means you just slip our taps over ANY FLAT BOTTOMED SHOE to transform them into DANCE SHOES! How awesome is that? Our taps make all of the sounds and have a non-slip rubber grip, which grips to the floor like a car tyre so anyone can safely dance their heart out without any chance of slipping... 
  •  Access New Markets: You will now be able to tap into entirely new markets because of our exclusive, patented equipment
  •  Stand Out Against Your Competition: Offer a completely new, immersive dance experience
  •  Revolutionary Design: Patented in 42+ countries
  • Non-Slip: Non-Slip Safety Grip means anyone can safely dance their heart out
  •  Stainless Steel Taps: Formulated to produce the perfect tap sound
Kat Johnson is a Co-Creator of TAPfit, an award-winning Dance Fitness Program helping hundreds of Dance Teachers around the world to stand out from their competitors and make the income they deserve.

She passionately equips her Tribe to find joy in teaching and start making the money they deserve...without sacrificing their sleep or sanity!

Kat Johnson, 
TAPfit Co-Creator
World Dance Championships
Qualified Dance Teacher
Qualified Fitness Coach
Life Coach
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